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Content Warnings

Earth to Alis contains heavy subject matter. While this is ultimately a hopeful story that advocates for recovery, it is nonetheless told by an unreliable narrator affected by mental illness and doesn’t shy away from depicting difficult experiences. Readers are encouraged to be aware of the following content warnings and read safely and responsibly.


  • Self-harm

  • Physical and emotional child abuse and neglect

  • Bullying, including brief incidents of homophobia and off-page racism

  • Anxious/depressive/self-deprecating thoughts*

Panic attacks

  • Dissociation (derealization/depersonalization)

  • Disordered eating

  • Toxic friendship*

  • A scene depicting manual strangulation

  • A scene depicting an epileptic seizure; discussions of epilepsy

  • Blood, vomiting, and brief injury/medical detail

  • Mentions of past suicidal ideation

  • Mention of hypothetical violence against animals; references to off-page animal death

  • Mention of past illness and death of a parent

  • Underage drinking and smoking; references to off-page marijuana use

  • Profanity and sexual references

*This warning was suggested by readers post-publishing and is not currently present in the content warnings list in the print or ebook editions.


If you or someone you know struggles with self-harm, here are some resources that can help: 

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